Use GlycoSHIELD to graft glycan conformers on protein structures. Please find all details in our paper Tsai et al., Cell, 187 (5), 1296-1311.e26, 2024.


The source code is freely available under the GPL3 license at

Web application

To launch the GlycoSHIELD web application, please click the image below.


Please quit the web application by clicking the button on the left before leaving it to free resources for other users.

Please note that the Cloud environment which hosts the interactive web application has limited resources and might not be able to handle large setups. In that case, we advise users to use a powerful local workstation or local HPC resources.

Moreover, please note that the Cloud session is completely ephemeral, and all files will be deleted after its termination. If necessary, download a Zip archive with your data which is offered by the web GUI before closing the app.